Toyota 2SDK8 Skid Steer Loaders

I purchased a 2SDK8 loader few years back, had a few maintenance issues, oil leaks from the oil pan, long story short had to remove the engine & transmission to resolve the issues, did a lot of clean up and repaint of the engine bay area and misc components, in all was out of action for about 6 months. At the time searching around the internet has revealed that there is very little information out there on these machines, Z-Car sdk8 site has/had a great blog (although I think he sold his skid steer), and I wanted to build on that concept, so I spun this site up to help all the Toyota 2SDK8 Skid Steer Loader owners of the world.

Currently there is a growing community of users and resources on the Facebook group

Toyota SDK Huski Skid Steer Owners Group

And is by far the best place to go for info, spare parts sourcing and help.